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Employment Lawyers in Belleville - Our objective is to assist clients with their labour and employment law requirements. We can offer a worldwide network of law companies in order to offer help for matters extending beyond our region. We are your in-house labour and employment law department.

We specialize in labour and employment law and bring several legal knowledge to workplace issues. Our areas of labour and employment law comprise employment contracts and disputes, collective bargaining and labour relations issues, unjust competition, occupational safety and health compliance, pension problems, and human rights.

Our company and our labour lawyers assist clients in a wide array of industries comprising insurance, healthcare, financial, aviation, railway, technology, not-for-profits, retail, forestry, oil and gas, construction, tourism, restaurants, and resort developments. Additionally, you could choose to take advantage of our different services, such as help with the buying or selling of companies, corporate planning, contract negotiation, real estate transactions, and insurance and liability problems.

Labour Relations

We can defend our clients interests in the certification or negotiating of collective agreements to the arbitration of grievances. Clients are assisted throughout collective bargaining and all through picketing and strikes. The labour implications of corporate reorganizations are well handled by our firm.

Human Rights

Human rights claims can be costly for employers. Our employment law practitioners assist clients to avoid claims by helping them to draft and implement anti-discrimination policies, train employees, and by dealing with investigations prior to complaints. We have skilled litigators who would handle the defense of the claim before human rights tribunals. Our services range from offering support with the implementation of policies, to staff training, to defending complaints.

Hiring and Firing

Our employment law practice assists clients with employment contracts between the employee and the company. Services include drafting and reviewing policy handbooks and employment contracts, advising on matters regarding the accommodation of disabilities within the workplace, and dealing with litigation that could arise from employment termination.

Workers' Compensation and Occupational Health and Safety

Experts advice is obtainable regarding compliance with occupational health and safety regulations under the the Workers Compensation Act and the Canadian Labour Code. We provide assistance with WCB claims, assessment and prevention matters. If needed, legal representation is provided before the Appeal Tribunal, the Review Division and before the courts in prosecution and judicial review matters. Skilled labour relations lawyers provide unionized clients with assistance resolving safety and health problems under collective agreements, like accommodation, impairment, fitness to work, and complaints of discriminatory action.

Employment Standards

Clients depend on our advice on the subject of provincial and federal Employment Standards requirements. Incorporated in these statutes are prenatal and pregnancy problems. Employers could be guaranteed of skilled representation in employment standards hearings. We are just a phone call away, offering you assistance with the dispute resolution and statute interpretation.


Our company likewise provide immigration services on foreign worker entry requirements, help with work permits, and foreign workers in Canada authorization. We can offer advice regarding international treaties, like for example the North American Free Trade Agreement, and regulations facilitating the entry of foreign workers into Canada. We help clients seeking to acquire Permanent Resident status within Canada, and work with employers in supporting these applications.

Pensions and Benefits

We have skill in the area of pension and benefits plans and the interpretation of federal and provincial pension legislation. Third party administrators, plan members, employers, and plan trustees of pension plans are amongst our clients.

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