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Family Law Belleville - Our Family Law Group can help you to understand and deal with all matters regarding family law, whether you're planning for the future or handling the breakup of a relationship. We can assist you prepare for your future by providing thorough advice in the preparation of marriage and co-habitation agreements. Our Family Law lawyers will provide sound recommendation and counsel about issues like payment of child and spousal support, separation agreements, establishing parenting plans, division of family property, divorce and estate planning. We can even help with elder law matters such as adult guardianship.

The structure of our integrated family law group would enable for our lawyer to work closely along with our tax and estate planning lawyers in the creation of practical strategies and solutions to your wishes. Our objective is to be able to guide our clients safely throughout all problems caused by the breakdown of a relationship as well as different family law issues.

To ensure the timely solution of sensitive problems, we are entirely committed to strategic solutions to all our clients. Our lawyers are experienced and skilled within several law disciplines and even alternative ways of resolving family disputes. In problems requiring litigation, our skilled lawyers act for clients in the Supreme Court and in all levels of the courts.

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