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Divorce Lawyer Belleville - When dealing with divorce or separation, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed. The division of property and potential child/spousal support and access along with the emotional stress and burden can make it a very traumatic event. Because the decisions made during this time could have an effect on the rest of your life, it is sensible to have a neutral party present who can ensure you are given as much information as possible concerning the consequences of your decisions.

There are different ways so as to resolve family problems, comprising negotiation, collaborative family law, the Court process and mediation.

Our firm believes that any matrimonial issues need to be resolved outside the courtroom. This saves money and is most likely the most efficient way. A written, fair agreement can be reached by our experienced lawyers via negotiation.

If for whichever reason you cannot prevent going to court, we can help provide you with experienced and knowledgeable representation.

Through "Collaborative Family Law", each spouse hires a lawyer specifically skilled in collaborative law. Each party and their lawyer agrees that they will not go to court and sign a contract saying they would try and settle the problems through negotiation. Nearly all of the work is spent with both parties and their lawyers present and negotiating between themselves.

Registered Psychologists or Clinical Counselors could be included in the proceedings, that depends on the requirements of the family. Should the situation need it, we even encourage utilizing a child specialist to be able to assist arrange a parenting plan as well as assisting with whatever problems about the children's mental well being.

When undergoing divorce, the collaborative family law is unique in that it allows the parties to come to a resolution themselves. We provide experts so as to help ensure that the separation goes as smooth as possible, and to assist deal with the extreme emotional feelings experienced throughout the process.

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