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Belleville Car Accident Lawyer - Practitioners of Intellectual Property Law will help you commercialize, enforce and protect your intellectual property. We have intellectual property services providing the realistic recommendation and efficient and effective assistance whether you are seeking to protect a trade secret or brand, to commercialize an invention, or to maintain your competitive advantage.

Our professional lawyers are well versed in all the areas of intellectual property law. With our help, you could maximize your value of your intangible assets and increase your chances in creating a competitive business advantage.

Intellectual Property services comprise all that is needed to protect intangible assets, beginning with infringement searches and preliminary clearance. Experts will offer opinions concerning patients, industrial designs and trade-marks. To register intellectual property in Canada and the United States, your application would be prepared and prosecuted by qualified trade-mark and patent paralegals and agents. Our intellectual property group has affiliates all over the world, enabling you to extend your reach. Our intellectual property group is experienced in the groundwork of patent applications in your certain technical area.

Our Intellectual Property services can help our clients in the maintenance and commercialization of their intellectual property assets. The advice would be formulated in order to meet client goals as the strategic business goals of clients will constantly be our top priority. Regular intellectual property audits would guarantee the right protection of intellectual property assets. Advice will comprise correct employment agreements and policies, sufficient agreements together with independent contractors, consistent and proper use of trade-marks, and general guidance about the steps needed for the ownership and control of intangible assets, comprising trade secrets. Services consist of the following:

- The preparation of agreements to sell, acquire or license intellectual property in and out;
- The preparation of different other agreements, like for instance end use agreement, joint venture agreement, collaboration agreement, confidentiality agreement and distribution agreement, associated to the commercialization of intellectual property;
- The structuring of the purchase and sale of companies and businesses featuring intellectual property assets;
- The conduct of intellectual property due diligence investigations;
- The preparation and registration of assignment agreements;
- The ongoing maintenance of acquired intellectual property assets.

Our litigators experienced in intellectual property law are ready to enforce intellectual property rights and defend against third-party claims. Litigators defend the rights of our clientele prior to levels of federal and provincial courts concerning any and all aspects of copyright, trade secret, trade-mark and patent law. The interests of clients would be represented with sound methods for resolving disputes efficiently and, if needed, in court proceedings.

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