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Belleville Criminal Lawyer - Our Group generally concentrates on pursuing legal solutions concerning insurance and commercial theft and fraud. As the global commercial crime rate skyrockets, the government seems to be allocating less and less resources to fight it. As such, disputes which were dealt with by the government have presently been passed down to the civil courts.

Our firm has tremendous knowledge in civil matters as well as criminal matters. They use their experience in these areas, along with our firm's personal contacts, to make certain we provide our client with all the needed resources. The preliminary investigation is crucial to the end resolution of a fraud lawsuit. Due to this, our lawyers interact regularly together with the police department, as well as various forensic accountants and investigative agencies, statistical and computer professionals, private investigators and handwriting analysts in order to make sure that a comprehensive investigation is completed.

For the clients who may be interested; we provide private seminars concerning cutting-edge problems. We give our opinions about a lot of matters and explain all the legal aspects that relate to the topics.

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